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Orbit Smoke Barbers

Hello folks! And welcome to review number 2 (You probably thought I'd sack this after the first review eh?) This weeks journey took me to Edinburgh where the blog began to test my mettle. Someone else other than my own barber cutting my hair? The risks I am taking for you all. Lets get to it and see how I got on... Hair We Go! Orbiting around Edinburgh  I love Edinburgh, but one of my pet peeves in the big cities is finding a parking space, nae, finding a parking space that doesn't require you to burst a tenner. "But there's an app that lets you pay for parking on your phone" *Ignores the good point*. So I was relieved when upon my arrival there was free on site parking. That ticks the first box.  The shop is situated at the start of a housing scheme in Craiglockhart which is quite fitting due to the homely atmosphere I experienced as I entered Orbit Smoke. Hold on a second, Orbit Smoke? That's an anagram for Motorbikes! This revelation makes complete s

What is that on your beard?

Happy new year folks! 

New year, new me. 2019 is my year. Motivation level: One hundred percent and all that jazz. This post's for the bearded blokes that have beards on their beards. And for anyone with facial hair tbh... Hair we go!

So my question, What is that on your beard? Aye you, the guy with the soft looking mane. I know for a fact there is some product involved because trust me, the moment I started growing it longer my face coat curled up quicker than a Rangers fan tweeting "Ger-main Defoe" followed by "Timothy Wheyyy" from @HulaHoops88. There may be two heavyweights battling it out for the SPFL this year but the title race that interests me for now is: Which product is better for the beard- Balm or Oil?


Beard Balms are great for bigger beards. It volumises and gives you that thicker finish. Only applying a pea sized amount of balm does the job which will put a stop to any curliness if it is used daily. That'll teach your misbehaving beard, ya balm. Currently I am applying the No7- Energising Supercharge: Face, Beard and Stubble Moisturiser and its a sound investment considering it lasts me 2 months for the 50ml. 


Due to the oily substance, it can reach and moisturise beneath the skin of the beard. The shiny finish can be seen and admired from afar, but most importantly, it promotes the growth of hair which will be thicker and fuller. For my shorter beard length I use Brisk- Cedarwood Beard Oil. A nice scent to go along with the price at 7 quid. 

Bringing in the Bells 

Since it is the new year i thought I'd bring in the Bells with you all. 3,2,1 H...ere is my good friend and Ladbrokes Presenter Paul Thomas Bell giving us the lowdown on what product works best on his beard. I'd listen to him you know, hes got a big one. See for yourself.  

Started from the blogger now he's beard

"Whilst I appreciate that oil works best for a lot of people, I much prefer a balm. One thing people tend to forget about is the effect of some products on the skin underneath the beard. I wouldn't tend to apply any kind of oil to my face directly so naturally I have some concerns about using certain beard oils, but that certainly not to say that they're harmful. I'm currently using a balm by Runesilk which leaves my beard soft and avoids both the beard and skin underneath feeling dried out." 

Which one won? 

At the end of the post, they are all winners. Both the balm and oil have appealing factors depending on the size of beard. If you have just started growing a beard or it is short then use the beard oil. It prevents itchiness and will allow hair growth. Beard balm provides the ability to tame the wackiest of beards- Paul being a great example! Cheers mate and thank you all for reading.


                                                                       And cut...✂


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