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Orbit Smoke Barbers

Hello folks! And welcome to review number 2 (You probably thought I'd sack this after the first review eh?) This weeks journey took me to Edinburgh where the blog began to test my mettle. Someone else other than my own barber cutting my hair? The risks I am taking for you all. Lets get to it and see how I got on... Hair We Go! Orbiting around Edinburgh  I love Edinburgh, but one of my pet peeves in the big cities is finding a parking space, nae, finding a parking space that doesn't require you to burst a tenner. "But there's an app that lets you pay for parking on your phone" *Ignores the good point*. So I was relieved when upon my arrival there was free on site parking. That ticks the first box.  The shop is situated at the start of a housing scheme in Craiglockhart which is quite fitting due to the homely atmosphere I experienced as I entered Orbit Smoke. Hold on a second, Orbit Smoke? That's an anagram for Motorbikes! This revelation makes complete s

Turkish Delight

Today is the day for our very first barber review! Excited? Of course you are. Hair We Go!

Since the barber game has an element of loyalty to it, we felt that it would make sense to kick things off by reviewing our go to place for all things hair and beard- Kaaz Barbers in Stirling. Situated in 35 Friars Street, Kasim Koc: the face that runs the place, is currently in his 14th year of the hair aesthetics industry. That's quite a lot of fades you've given out fella! It was clear to Kasim that he possessed the quality to produce such fine hair styles when the customers awaiting a haircut used to respond with "I'm waiting on him (Kasim)" whenever the other barbers asked who was next. I can vouch for it, I was one of many. It was no surprise that he decided to make himself exclusively appointments only which gave everyone the ease of just calling up and slotting an appointment whenever he was available. For an extra £2 you are guaranteed that time to allow Kasim to work his magic. What I admire the most about Kasim as a barber is his ability to see a style that he feels would suit your overall appearance. I guess it's like up selling to these barbers. You come in for a gauge 1 low fade and a beard trim and you walk out with a double 0 and some black label clay product for the new comb over I'm now sporting. I thought I knew my hair better than anyone else.
Kasim Koc or "Kaaz" if you know him like that.

If you are a regular at Kaaz Barbers you will have probably noticed something different. (No, not just the Christmas tree.) It has went through an amazing renovation to convey the stylish brand that Kasim wants to project. Giving his customers a comfortable and luxurious experience from the moment they are waiting right up to their scheduled appointment.

Step into Kaaz' Office 

It's not just a one man band at Kaaz Barbers. 3 up and coming barbers Nuri, Francesco and Emi also offer Kasim support for his walk in customers. Under Kasim's guidance and tutelage, It is with confidence that I say that they will be able to cut it at the very top.
Nuri: Hoping to mirror Kasims great success

Francesco: Putting the finishing touches to a great cut. 

There are many Turkish Barbers situated around Stirling and in Scotland which I aim to pop into during my journey to find you all the best barbers around, but as it stands, Kasim flies the flag as one of the best around. Simply a Turkish Delight.

And cut...✂

Natter and Patter: 5/5
Main Barber: 5/5
Co Barbers: 3/5 
Shop: 5/5
Booking: 4/5 (Phone: 07767 036484. Online Booking Coming Soon) 
Instagram: @kaazbarber


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